MOMS Offering Moms Support

The MOMS Club is a non-profit, non-religious, charitable organization that supports mothers, both at-home and working. We understand that you want a connection with your community and other at-home moms. MOMS Club provides a variety of activities for you and your children and is proud of your choice of mothering for your family. You need a support group that understands your special needs as a mother and we're it! We are the first, largest and fastest growing support group specifically for ALL mothers, whether you stay at home part time or full-time. Here are some of the things that make us special:  
  • We meet during the day, when mothers most need support.
  • We believe being a mother shouldn't isolate you, so mothers may bring their children with them to our events and outings.
  • Mothers with any age children are welcome. You don't have to leave the group when your children enter school. We know YOU still need support as your children grow.
The Renton-North group serves the 98056, 98059 and 98057 north of Cedar River zip codes.

The Renton-South group serves the 98058, 98055 and 98057 south of Cedar River zip codes.