Every month, we have a variety of mother and child-centered activities, some of which include the following and many more:
  • Weekly Playgroups — a fun way to get to know other moms, and for children to practice socialization skills. Our Open-House Playgroup is for all members and is held each Friday at either the play-nursery or at an outdoor park, depending on the weather.  Non-members interested in joining MOMS Club are welcome to attend up to 2 Open House functions in order to decide if our group is right for you.
  • Field Trips — MOMS can pack up their cars and caravan to a local happening for a day of fun.  Trips can vary from a trip to the zoo to a beach outing. 
  • Monthly Socials — where we discuss new ideas for our club and form committees to complete them. A wonderful way to add your input!
  • Small Playgroups — our playgroup coordinator may help you find the perfect group for you and your children. This is a great opportunity to connect with other moms and kids in a smaller group setting.
  • Art and Crafts — at least once a month we schedule a craft activity for the children to do. Here are some of the many ways that doing crafts positively affects children: Builds positive self image; Rewards hard work and diligence; Encourages their imagination; Cultivates a love of learning; Encourages self-discipline; Promotes eye-hand coordination; Fosters cooperation with others.
  • Family Events, Activity Groups & much more!